Helping Gift Giant go viral - FB Comms

Using UGC to sell 1000s of toys!

+301% Website Sales


+35% Conversion Rate

+10% Avg Order Value

" The video was so popular it sold over 1000 products! "

Our client is an online children’s toy store that was losing margins to Amazon and eBay.

Our objective was to drive sales through their own website using organic and paid media.

When we began working with the client, we realised the brand needed a refresh. So, we created a new logo, web theme and custom graphics.

Using UGC-style content created by our team and outsourced creators, we ran their social channels and helped them grow organically.

Through PPC and Paid Media, as well as setting up their TikTok Shop, we’re getting direct sales on their website at an 8 ROAS.

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