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Bringing awareness and new leads to a Tech start-up.

+ 1,011,203 Impressions

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" Working with FB Comms has opened lots of doors for the team that we never would have seen, from new leads to speaking opportunities. We are super proud of the content and how far our LinkedIn accounts have come. "

Our client is a Tech provider that helps marketers and marketing agencies get the right tech to achieve their goals.

They use software such as CRM, CDP, DAM, data storage, reporting tools, creativity suite etc. and provide a holistic solution that ensures organisations are not wasting money on huge systems that aren’t working as well as they could be. 

Our goal was to help them scale the business through lead generation, attracting high-quality talent and improving their overall visibility for B2B on LinkedIn.

We began working with the founder, creating 5 LinkedIn posts every week that demonstrated knowledge and helped them make their mark. 

This eventually led to us running 4 LinkedIn platforms for the team. We used content to educate, inspire and entertain their audience, as well as help them recruit new staff and generate leads. 

This meant learning Tech, Data and Analytics, Customer Data Platform and Digital Asset Management. The team worked closely with the team to gain an expert understanding of their roles, platforms and tech to communicate this effectively with their audience. 

Each profile got a new headshot, LinkedIn banner and personalised PDF template which was on brand and consistent across their organisation.

The client has had invitations to new events in the industry, often getting recognised by strangers because of posts they have engaged with, and industry professionals have reached out for consultation or collaboration opportunities.

LinkedIn has brought huge exposure to the start-up and led to internal collaborations. As well as talent and talent agencies reaching out to fill vacancies quicker than we could advertise them.

" Content SO good even my ex is stalking my LinkedIn. "

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