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5 Ways We Used UGC and Authentic Content to Skyrocket Our Ads

Never underestimate the value of User Generated Content (UGC), especially when it comes to paid ads.

UGC not only adds credibility to your brand but also fosters a sense of community and helps potential buyers to build trust.

Plus, no one will watch an ad that *actually* looks like an ad…

Here are five ways we use UGC to skyrocket our ads 👇

Product Demos

You have a product you’re trying to sell… Use it. Get someone to showcase how the product works, how it looks, different ways to use it etc.

You want real people using and enjoying your products. This allows you to highlight the unique features and benefits of the products in a way that resonates with potential buyers.

E.g., How to safely use an Ice Bath for the first time.

Gift Guides

Are you a jewellery brand that sells a birthstone collection? Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas is coming up.

Gift guides are the perfect way to make a potential buyer’s life much easier.

Create UGC-based gift guides that feature your products, state who they could be for and offer a simple solution to a problem they might be facing.

E.g., 10 necklaces your girlfriend would love to receive on Valentine’s Day.

Outfit of the Day

Fashion and lifestyle brands can use ‘outfit of the day’ until their heart is content.

We have a brand that uses OOTD to feature their jewellery as the ‘finishing touches’ to the outfit and it pops off every time.

This makes the content more relatable and aspirational. A potential buyer may then want to buy the whole fit to look like the creator they’re watching.

This approach increases your brand visibility but also leverages the trust that influencers have (if you pick ones that properly align with the brand).

Behind The Scenes

Whether it’s a warehouse walkthrough or a day in the store, people love behind-the-scenes content.

This gives potential buyers a look into what goes on, is highly entertaining and won’t feel like an ad at all. Plus, it massively humanises the brand and that’s key for building a strong online presence.

Customers appreciate transparency and authenticity; this helps build trust that turns into sales.

Packing or Unboxing

We’re all guilty of watching someone pack or unbox an order because it is VERY enjoyable.

Packing an order builds FOMO and curiosity, unboxing an order gives your audience a glimpse into someone else’s excitement and satisfaction.

These experiences reinforce the value proposition of your brand and, in turn, increase sales.


In 2024, we can’t have ads that look like ads – people will just keep scrolling.

Leveraging UGC is going to be key to your success. You have access to content every day, capture it, use it, and watch it help you succeed.

Here’s to high ROAS and happy clients 🎉

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