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LinkedIn Premium, Is It Worth It?

A question we get asked all the time is, “Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?’.

Some people in the team have Premium, some don’t.

The short answer is you don’t NEED Premium.

But if you’re prioritising leads or searching for a new role, you absolutely will benefit from it.


Premium offers personalised messages, unlimited searches, the ability to create and share leads lists, as well as a plethora of other things. There are different levels that come with different prices.


Here are ALL the benefits of LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Core:

If you’re a job searcher, it is a gold mine.


How LinkedIn Premium Benefits Founders 👇

Custom Button

Our favourite feature, which is fairly new, is the custom button.

It looks like this…

linkedin premium button

The custom button is put on all posts and at the top of your account.

It makes it easier for people to book without having to click through to your page and we’ve seen a lot more traffic from LinkedIn on our website.


Advanced Search Filters

LinkedIn Premium offers an advanced search functionality that goes beyond the basic filters available in the free version.

For founders searching for specific leads, a more targeted approach will mean that every connection has the potential to contribute in some way to the growth of the business.


InMail Credits

LinkedIn Premium gives the account credit to send direct messages to people outside of their network.

This makes outreach and getting seen by potential clients much easier.


Premium Badge

Some people think the Premium badge is a bit ‘in your face’ but to clients, you are showing that you are serious about your business.

The added credibility associated with a Premium membership could be the make or break for someone considering booking an appointment with you.


A point we NEED to make though – LinkedIn Premium does not increase your followers, reach or engagement.

You still need to create regular content. You still need to add value. You still need to join in the conversation.

If you don’t nurture your account on the free version of LinkedIn, Premium isn’t going to make it magically popular overnight.


Three ways you can make the most of LinkedIn before adding Premium:

✍️ Creating regular content.

🗣️ Engaging with other accounts.

🤝 Sending your free 100 weekly connections.


Plus, you can try it for 1 month for FREE! Check it out. 

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