Marketing Trends to Leave in 2023 - FB Comms

Marketing Trends to Leave in 2023

Every year working in marketing brings new trends, new technologies and new platforms to drive us all a little crazy.

Today we’re telling you what you need to drop 👇

Out with the old! Let’s get into it.

📹 Overly-Polished Video Content

Your audience wants authentic content. They want rough, unpolished, real videos that they can resonate with.

Shift your focus to creating genuine and relatable, drop the fancy crap.

👂 Posting Videos Without Captions

Accessibility should be one of your top priorities. Adding captions not only improves accessibility and enhances the user experience.

Plus, a lot of people like to watch videos with no sound.

🔎 Not Considering Social Media SEO

Search Engine Optimization is evolving – it’s more important on social platforms than ever before.

Neglect social media SEO and you’ll 100% miss out on visibility and reach.

📸 Posting for Clout

Your audience wants value. What are you providing that’s going to make them stick around?

In 2024 you need to prioritise substance over superficial metrics. Your content should educate, entertain, or solve problems.

🫣 Hiding Behind Logos and Branded Assets

The best way to build brand loyalty? Show your face.

You can’t build a genuine connection with a logo or a Canva template.

🚩 Overdoing Hashtags

Hashtags have their place, but they’re no longer as valuable.

Focus on quality over quantity, adding 2-5 strong hashtags to your copy.

30+ hashtags is a walking red flag 🚩

👻 Posting and Ghosting

People value engagement.

Simply posting content without following up on it is a missed opportunity. Make sure you’re in conversations, responding to comments, and seeking feedback.

Building a community takes more than one viral reel.

💻 Automating Ads

Honestly? It’s lazy and counterproductive.

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