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50 Social Media Post Ideas

Aside from ‘how much do you charge?’ the question of ‘what do I even post?’ is the most common question I get asked as a content creator and digital marketer.

Remember that people buy from people, showcase some personality and here are 50 post ideas focusing on bringing your audience value.

  1. Introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do and what are you looking for?
  2. Successes: share an achievement, how you got there and how others could follow suit.
  3. Case studies: share some results you’re proud of!
  4. Client feature: have you worked on a fun project recently and people should check out their page and product?
  5. How-to: a 5-step guide to a process i.e. how to make a Reel, how to schedule content, how to write a great email.
  6. Trends: what have you seen recently that’s caught your eye? If you can jump on a trending post style, go for it.
  7. Great examples: can others learn from your favourite campaigns?
  8. Webinar breakdown: share your learnings from a video, podcast or webinar you’ve attended.
  9. Failure: what’s a failure or setback you’ve overcome? My post about failing my statistics A-level did so much better than when I announced I’d won Freelancer of The Year!
  10. Problem vs solution: what’s the problem you or your company set out to solve?
  11. Behind the scenes: share your working process, the workshop, team, your commute or even your to-do list.
  12. Team Feature: people buy from people – showcase the excellence in your team, what do they bring to the table and how can someone work with them?
  13. Inspiration: who and what inspires you? Share someone to follow, an inspiring story or post.
  14. Polls: use this for market research. A trick here is to deliberately miss out an option so people feel compelled to comment or reply and say ACTUALLY none of the above.
  15. Ask for recommendations: have others share their favourite accountant, book, email marketing platform or virtual assistant services!
  16. Statistics: share your poll results or any stats from your client data or work e.g. did you know only 10% of marketers know how to use Google Analytics? Here’s a great resource or you can sign up to our training here [insert link to your wonderful training programme].
  17. Where to learn: how can people attain the skills in your industry? From the CIM to Hubspot, Google Digital Garage or an apprenticeship – let people know how they can enter or progress in the workplace.
  18. Networking: share your favourite networking events, tips, pages or photos from your last event.
  19. Personal journey: how did you get where you are today? Was it conventional or a squiggly career?
  20. Answer a question: exactly like this post is doing! Answer some FAQ’s.
  21. Jargon buster: not everyone will be clued up on the acronyms and terms of your industry, make a glossary. PPC, SEO, GA, TOF, ROAS, WOW might not mean the same to anyone outside of marketing.
  22. Myth buster: what’s a common misconception about your industry or role?
  23. Freebies: everyone loves a freebie! Can you give away a template, guide or brochure in return for email capture?
  24. Quiz: test people on their industry knowledge – it’s engaging and fun. You can find my quiz on marketing here.
  25. Competitions: be careful with this one as there are plenty of restrictions across Instagram right now! But could you give someone a voucher, 10% off your services or a free spot on your next training course in return for some engagement?
  26. Show your workspace: what’s your setup? Kitchen table, coworking or office space? Let people in and show you’re super messy or organised as hell.
  27. A mistake you’ve made: how did you learn from it and how can you avoid it again? Press send on an email campaign or start a business that flopped because you had no marketing in place? Sharing is caring.
  28. Run an offer: if you can, run a limited-time offer just for your followers.
  29. Ask a thought-provoking question: a great engagement generator and market research tool.
  30. Book review: what are you reading right now and what have you learnt? What’s on your bedside table or are you looking for recomendations?
  31. Offer to help people: give the first 10 commenters the chance to review their CV, website or branding.
  32. Review software: what tools do you use day to day for productivity, editing, scheduling or analysing?
  33. National holidays: are there any national days happening soon you could tie into one of your products or services? Using the right hashtags could get you extra engagement. The Twitter Marketing Calendar is great for these.
  34. Account takeover: have your intern run your IG stories for the day or your director share their daily schedule.
  35. Testimonial: have you had some great feedback recently? Regularly ask for testimonials from clients.
  36. Goals: what are you working towards? Someone in your network could help you! I’ve found three people also doing the Manchester Marathon to keep me accountable on Strava for training and tips.
  37. Business trip: have you been anywhere lately or at a trade show people should come down and say hello? Post a photo!
  38. Out of office content: what do you do outside of your 9-5 to keep your mind sharp, switch off or contribute to the community? Many organisations have charity partners, promoting their work can get extra donations or sharing you’re actually an avid powerlifter can make you more relatable than just a woman in a suit dress.
  39. Memes: create or share a meme for your niche, the internet is far too serious these days.
  40. Share your favourite accounts: who can others find value from or learn from?
  41. Cross-pollinate: share your TikTok tutorial on LinkedIn or repurpose the message.
  42. Share a hack: if you’ve found a time-saver or great tool online, share that sh*t.
  43. ‘X tips for Y’: as a format this is my favourite, for example: 4 things your marketing plan is missing, 6 metrics you need to be measuring for loyalty program success, 3 free organisational tools.
  44. Thought piece: has something in the news or trending
  45. Expectation vs reality: what were your expectations of your career or your business vs the reality?
  46. What you wish you knew: share your advice for anyone starting out or moving into your industry.
  47. Use trending sounds: this one’s namely for TikTok and Instagram, re-use trending sounds but relate it to your niche. Scroll through your feed and save all the audio clips you hear again and again.
  48. Habits: what habits do you have that build success? Are you trying to build a new one? Get rid of an old one?
  49. What should people avoid: CV mistakes, common marketing errors, engagement pods or any emerging threats or copycat behaviour would work for this topic.
  50. Share your values: why do you do what you do? A business and an individual with a strong idea of what they want, who they want to help and the problem they want to solve attracts like-minded employees, connections and clients.

Tag me in the comments if you use any of these! It’s @freelancefiona on Instagram and TikTok.

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