It’s official - we are an award winning agency! ???? - FB Comms

It’s official – we are an award winning agency! ????

And I'm over the moon!

From starting FB Comms in 2020, unknowingly also a couple of weeks before lockdown 1.0 I’d never have imagined that this is a blog I’d be writing!

The first year of business was a tough one from finding my footing, strengths and building the network of exceptional individuals working behind the FB Comms scenes to deliver aptly scheduled social content, slick design and great development.

But my lord, it was a good one.

I signed 12 clients in 12 months, named three companies, co-founded another and became a hand and ear model for one client whilst we couldn’t set up live shoots with models for jewellery!

2021 Started With a Bang

At the end of January 2021 I was named Young Digital Marketer of The Year for all my work throughout the first 11 months of business, excellent client results and the judges ability to see my potential to make a real difference in the world of marketing.

To win alongside digital giants such as Rise At Seven was absolutely unreal and I screamed and danced and cried for a fair few minutes afterwards.


The UK Dev Awards was held virtually in March 2021 and I was shortlisted for the Rising Star (under 25’s) award.

However, a huge and wonderful surprise was just as I was about to rage turn off the TV for not winning they announced I’d won FREELANCER OF THE YEAR!

I take the role of freelancer far above and beyond the title, I’ve collected 8 client email domains and even key fobs for their front doors – fully integrating myself into their team and organisation as one of their own staff.

To be recognised for the absolute slog that was 2020 was immense.

The award is also the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. I hold it in times of self-doubt.



As if one wasn’t enough I also managed to make it to the shortlist for Freelancer of The Year at the Digital Women awards! The winner is yet to be announced but keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.


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