Building Kolina's social engagement - FB Comms

Building Kolina’s Social Engagement

+190% Page views

+140% Visitors

+1,580% Engagements

+86% Website click-throughs

" FB Comms has been a perfect fit for KOLINA. They bring comprehensive strategies, execution and ideation that helped us reach our digital media goals and objectives faster, easier and more cost-effectively. Not only do they have knowledge and experience, but they are also an enthusiastic, prompt and communicative digital media partner. "

Building a social media base and strategy for Kolina

Kolina is a wastewater treatment company providing sustainable alternatives for processing corporate wastewater using brand new and cutting-edge technology.

We began with a full marketing audit to review all their digital media, branding and activity to date including identifying opportunities and creating a road map.

With the launch of their new website looming Kolina were pleased with the audit outcomes and we proceeded to go ahead with refreshing their LinkedIn profile and building engagement.

We created a new, cleaner profile logo and cover image along with 12 branded templates to use on their LinkedIn platform.

With 3-4 posts a week, varying content to educate, inspire, inform and entertain their audience we got some great results!

At the end of the month we supplied strategic recommendations along with all assets for Kolina to continue the activity internally once the site has launched.

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