Relaunching luxury lingerie brand Vixen & Fox - FB Comms

Relaunching luxury lingerie brand Vixen & Fox

+2,252% Instagram reach

+540% Instagram engagement

1113 Reels interactions

+168% Website taps

" I found the content you created to be on brand and always sent for approval on time. The process of approving and providing comments on content created was smooth and easy. "

With an organic content strategy and bespoke creative, FB Comms supported the relaunch of lingerie brand Vixen & Fox with organic social media, Pinterest management and blog content.


Vixen & Fox is a luxury, slow-fashion lingerie brand based in Australia. Each collection has a 12-month creation period, with only two collections being released per year. Vixen and Fox quality over quantity and people over profit.


One challenge FB Comms faced was a lot of fake profiles following the Instagram account from previous social media management. FB Comms cleared out the fake followers as this was having a negative effect on engagement rate and organic reach. On completion, 84.2% of the following is now based in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, aligning with the brand’s target audience. 

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