Future-proofing Welcome To Yorkshire - FB Comms

Future-proofing Welcome To Yorkshire

FB Comms worked with Welcome To Yorkshire to commercialise their web and digital platforms to future-proof the organisation. We worked on the 2021 Walkshire digital campaign, which, in the first week achieved:

  • Coverage on 4 BBC radio stations (7 total).
  • 365 total posts.
  • 237 users sharing #Walkshire.
  • 17,215 views of the Walkshire map.
  • Shortlisted at the UK Social Media Awards.
  • Our social platforms amassed a reach of 443,000 and 10,157 engagements on ‘walk of the day’ posts.

3.7 million Total impressions

1.5 million Total reach

15,199 Engagements with #Walkshire

5 Major news publication articles

" Fiona is a fantastic marketeer with a great level of professionalism that always puts the clients needs at the heart of everything she delivers. I was impressed with her knowledge, execution and approach across a wide range of marketing disciplines which brought a great deal of value to each project. This was combined with a desire to further understand the client, their needs and feedback and utilise this to deliver even better results. Fiona also has a focus and drive for ethical campaigns that can be often tricky to to turn into clear, simple approaches for customers. She is able to turn complexity into clarity especially around these campaigns, that clearly drive her personal passions, with ease and authenticity. I wouldn't hesitate in working with Fiona again and hope that isn't too far away. - James Mackenzie "

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