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CTA’s That Actually Work

All marketers know that the call to action, also known as CTA, is one of the most crucial parts of marketing messaging. If you think about everything you’ve signed up for, whether it be through a Facebook ad or downloading an app, it’s likely to have had an effective call to action.


What is a call to action? 

A call to action (CTA) is a piece of text (usually displayed on a button) inviting a customer to take a particular action, whether that be to make a purchase, subscribe, tell a friend, download or more. The action depends on what the marketer would like the customer to do at that moment in the journey.


Why do you need a strong CTA?

Your CTA is a chance to convert your audience into customers or clients. They aren’t just good for business, these days customers want and expect them as part of their journey. They’ve read your ad copy, are interested in engaging with your brand, and are actively looking for the CTA button to tell them what the next step is. Not including one can leave your customers with nowhere to go, inevitably dropping off the journey.  

Here’s 30 CTA’s that actually work: 

  1. Sign Up and Save
  2. Book Your Appointment
  3. Find Out More
  4. Sign Up for Free
  5. Join Free for a Month
  6. Get Started
  7. Donate Now
  8. Give [insert brand] a Try!
  9. Click Here
  10. Try Now
  11. Sign Me Up!
  12. I’m In!
  13. Teach Me More
  14. Claim It
  15. I’m Interested
  16. Contact Us
  17. Follow The Magic 
  18. Continue
  19. Take Me There
  20. Swipe Up
  21. Check It Out
  22. Grab It Now
  23. Subscribe Me
  24. Count Me In
  25. Save Your Place
  26. See More
  27. Use Code [insert discount code]
  28. Show Me
  29. Get Access
  30. Add To Cart


In our opinion, the best call-to-action is super clear, specific to your brand and creates a sense of urgency that drives the user to make that action. For example, ASOS might use ‘Get Exclusive Access’ or Netflix might use “Watch Free Now”, just be aware as many ads have character limits! 

I’d recommend A/B testing a generic CTA vs a creative CTA that is jam-packed with your brand’s tone of voice and analysing the results! You might just be surprised.

Let me know how you get on! 

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