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How Can Emojis Drive Engagement

How Can Emojis Drive Engagement

If you think emojis are cheesy, childish, unprofessional or unnecessary then I am here to say you’re wrong!

According to WordStream, including Emojis in a tweet could increase engagement by 25.4%. Including them in a Facebook post could increase the number of likes by 57% and the number of comments and shares by 33%. They say a picture can speak a thousand words so if adding a few Emojis to your social media posts could dramatically increase the amount of engagement then there isn’t a reason for you not to be using them.

Whether your target audience is young and up to date with the latest technology or is more corporate and formal, there is always space for an Emoji.

Why Your Marketing Needs Emojis

As well as the statistics I previously mentioned, there are many other reasons why your marketing needs a splash of emojis.

For starters, Emojis humanise your brand and helps to convey more meaning and emotion into your content. Using Emojis will encourage interaction with your audience, increase click-through rate and make your brand more relatable.

On more professional platforms like LinkedIn, these little images will make your posts stand out more prominently in a sea of text. They help to create more eye-catching lists, stand-out headlines and help to emphasise your post.

Add Context To Your Content

In the same way that an exclamation point can change the tone of your messaging, Emojis can also add an extra layer of context. On its own, an Emoji can not deliver a message but when used correctly with strong copy, the two become a stronger force with more depth and meaning than when used separately.

On Twitter you have a limited character count so when you can’t use any more words, use an Emoji to convey the emotion and meaning you are wanting to deliver.

Want To Know More?

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on Emojis. 

On the 17th of July it is World Emoji Day so get those little images splashed across your platforms and add some more personality to your brand.

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