How To Maximise Your Reach Post Black-Friday - FB Comms

How To Maximise Your Reach Post Black-Friday

Have you heard of Black Friday burn-out?

When Black Friday is finally over and your paid ads start to decline just before the end of the year.

Not at FB Comms!


Here’s what we do to make sure our clients continue seeing incredible results for the rest of the year and the start of next:


→ Data collection.

We gather as much data as possible.

This is centred around who’s buying what, where they came from, and where our budgets and time are best spent.

Then we will be segmenting customer lists based on value and loyalty.


→ Email marketing journeys.

All journeys will be refined and refreshed, including SMS, abandon cart, and product view pages and only relevant comms based on segmentation will be sent out.


→ Building lookalike audiences for the next batch of ads.

These will be RELEVANT lookalike audiences, split by product type, location, and demographics.


→ Leverage upcoming holidays.

Christmas is the perfect time to use ‘gifting’ keywords, tug on a few heartstrings and make the sale.

Plus, December and January mean sales galore. Use your discount codes to convert!


→ Create a sense of urgency.

Use limited edition products, timed offers and countdowns to use FOMO to your advantage.

Just because the “biggest sale” of the year has passed doesn’t mean your customers are guaranteed to drop off.


We’re STILL getting insane ROAS for our clients and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

You’ve got plenty of ways to keep your audience interested.


Put in the work and get results like these 👇

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