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7 Mistakes You’re Making On Social Media????

We all use social media or else you may not have found this blog through me re-sharing across LinkedIn or Twitter.

Having reviewed many a client page who just aren’t getting conversions and asking me why, well, this is why:

1. Too many cooks

If too many people have access to the social media accounts and aren’t working from a brand messaging template, brand guidelines and creative templates then your content is going to be inconsistent and messaging weak.

Give posting and scheduling authority to a max of two people or have an ultimate ‘approver’ to ensure the brand mission, tone of voice and values are represented correctly.

2. Not using analytics

Counting your followers does not count! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if none of them are interacting, sharing and liking your content. Look at metrics such as reach, engagement, shares and post saves to see which of your posts are actually getting traction.

Also look at Google Analytics for your website to see which social media channel is driving the most traffic, you might be surprised.

3. Using the same hashtags in each post

Mix up your hashtags! Social media algorithms work to show the most ‘human’ and authentic content first so for each client and repetitive posts makes your account appear to be run or posting via a bot. I have ‘bundles’ of hashtags I use and ensure a different combination is used each time.

4. Using the most popular hashtags

You’ll actually get more reach if you go for the smaller hashtags i.e. using #SocialMediaContentMarketing over #Marketing will not get as lost in the noise and get you more engagement.

5. Sticking to the ‘traditional’ platforms

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are your ‘basic’ platforms but you might be missing out on a huge audience by not posting on Medium, Quora, Pinterest, Shopify Community and Reddit.

Look at industry specific message boards and communities including Facebook groups for other similar business’, sectors and interests.

6. Posting the same content across multiple channels

Don’t you dare have re-share checked from Instagram straight to your corporate Facebook page. Language, hashtag usage, tags and image sizing differs between each

Be informational and conversational on #Twitter while using emojis and hashtags through the #post while you can use up to 30 hashtags on #Instagram but they won’t be the same you’ll need on Facebook which should be more warm to encourage engagement etc.

You can resize images easily in your document properties or on Canva. Top tip: LinkedIn is the same image size as Facebook.

7. Using a scheduling tool or links from other websites continuously

As I mentioned, algorithms prefer to show the most ‘genuine’ content and using Hootsuite for every single post or sharing videos from YouTube rather than streamed directly onto your social account can bring your ranking down. Try write your own genuine post for every few you schedule and get higher on the newsfeed of your adoring fans!

There’s far more that can go hideously wrong with social media management, the worst case scenario being tarnishing your brand in the mind of a consumer with the wrong post at the wrong time and not looking like you know what you’re doing or stand for, losing a customer and potentially their network.

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