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Personal Branding

Personal Branding has become a buzzword, something previously reserved for CEO’s and celebrities has become mainstream. If you post on social media, you’re building a personal brand. Every touchpoint someone has with you online and in-person shapes what they feel, think and say about you. This is your brand.

You have control over what you put out there and therefore, the associations people will have with you. If you’re a marketing mum with your own thriving business yet all you post is about your kids on Mumsnet, you’ll be known as ‘nasty nappy Nora’ rather than the entrepreneur you set out to be.

Personal branding is not continuously re-sharing other people’s work or quotes for internet clout. Personal branding is sharing your story and building authority. In turn, this brings in leads, sales, employees and opportunities.

Employees have TEN TIMES the following of their companies on average and a lead that comes through a personal profile is seven times more likely to convert. See this example, I posted the announcement of ‘Freelancer of the Year’ for the second year in a row on my company’s LinkedIn. It did shite:



I reposted the same announcement on my personal profile with me holding the laptop of the screenshot posted on my business profile aaaaaand:


I consistently get a lead each day, without having ever sent a cold email. If you want to get work in consistently from people that see your value, here’s how to build your personal brand.

Step 1: Get Clear

Who are you and what do you do, for who? What can you offer? Where do you add value? For example, Sir David Attenborough is a conservationist who brought the oceans into our living rooms to inspire us to think more widely about our actions on the planet. I’m an agency owner who provides content marketing for sustainable businesses with fun at the heart of what we do. This guides the content I put out there.

Get down at least three content pillars, things you want to be known for and create content under those headings. For example mine are content marketing, running a business and building authority through showing off client work.


Step 2: Brand it Up

Be recognisable! Slash from Guns n Roses has an iconic look you can recognise from 500 metres away, the hair, the hat, the leather. Similarly, I wear BRIGHT pink when networking and giving talks to be memorable. Translating this to online means choosing some brand colours, fonts, templates. Creative Marketplace is awesome for Canva templates but remember to always swap out fonts, colours and copy for your own.


Step 3: Establish Your Presence

The most important thing here is to establish your presence where your audience are actively looking for your services. If you’re looking for an internship or job then spending hours on Pinterest over LinkedIn won’t do you any favours. I wasted days on TikTok before realising the only engagement I was getting was from other social media managers. They’re not going to pay my bills! There’s also no point being Instagrams favourite dancing Dentist if the way you actually get clients is through Google Search by location. Your SEO and Google Business page are far more important.

Through consistent posting of the right content on the right platforms, your following will be relevant. It’s not enough just to post, however, get commenting, liking, adding and engaging with other leaders in your field. Dedicate ten minutes a day to connecting and engaging and watch your profile views soar.


Step 4: Don’t Neglect Offline

Just posting on LinkedIn every day isn’t going to get you work in. In-person networking is a fantastic way to meet people but always follow up with a connection request. I’ve met four clients in person at events and two contractors then them seeing my work online afterwards inspired them to jump on and ask for some work.

Does someone inspire you? Do you want to work with someone? Did you love that blog post or video? TELL THEM! Don’t be afraid to direct message people and ask for a 10-minute virtual coffee to get to know your connections and network. Attend seminars, conferences, put yourself forward for speaking opportunities or even host an event yourself. Just get out there.


Step 5: Measuring Success

True story: I approached a client to quit. The content was getting naff all likes, engagement, we just weren’t growing and nothing I did could fix this account and I couldn’t morally take their money anymore. They were absolutely gobsmacked and told me they had three lapsed customers in the last week come back because they’d seen how busy and thriving they seemed on LinkedIn and wanted to sign back up.

It’s not all about likes and engagement but quality relationships you build, connections you make and the value you give to others.


If you’re stuck for some ideas to get posting then check this out!

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